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What comes first, your job title or the employer name?

Yes, we recommend listing your job title first, and then the employer name under or next to the title.


Why would you do that?
When I recruited for positions, while working in HR, I scanned job applicants by their job titles, not where they worked (first run). In order to prioritize my time, it was more effective to search for those people that had job titles that closely matched my job opening. In other words, if I was recruiting for an Analyst, I would look for Analysts.


I would then look at the employers and see if there was a good match to the type of industry the job was for and go from there.


When wouldn’t you do that?
I suppose the case when you wouldn’t want to list your job title, is when you think that the company you worked for was more applicable than your job title. I am unable to think of an example but if you can think of some, please leave a comment below.


Do you have some questions about your resume and would like a second opinion? Feel free to contact us and we can help. Happy job hunting!


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