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The Evolution of Job References: Are Companies Still Requesting Them?

In the dynamic landscape of the modern job market, the traditional practices of recruitment are continually evolving.

References Tip Self-Employed Part 2: How and what?

Happy New Year! Yes, we missed our January blog post. What happened to January?   Anyway, we have another post for you, and it’s the continuation of the three-part (for now) series on self-employed strategies to securing a job. If you are not self-employed, you probably will pick up some pointers, so read on!

6 Things to Avoid with Respect to References

Your job search is a marketing campaign. Since you are the product, your advertising should include a resume, cover letter, and online presence (LinkedIn). What about the references, where do they fit in and what are some common things to avoid?

When should you provide work references?

So when do you provide work references? Some people will attach with their resume or application and other people tend to wait until they are further into the process. What’s the best advice? Find out.

Should I use an employer where I was fired as a reference?

If you need a reference a from a company that were fired from, you should read this next article.

When to give work or job references?

We received a lot of questions regarding job references and this article will provide some details about when to give job references to a perspective employer.