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So, you want to be an intern?

So, you want to be an intern?

Canada lost 31,000 jobs last month, the second straight monthly decline

Despite decline, jobless rate stays flat at 4.9% as fewer people looking for work

The Case for Job Hopping

Traditional thinking is that employees should stay at a company for the long term – or at least a few years. But many workers swiftly switching roles are earning greater career riches.  

How to become a software engineer. It’s easier than you think.

Here’s a great video from Ryan McBeth, which talks about some strategies on how to become a Software Engineer in 2022. According to his channel, he is one and offers some interesting advice.

What’s in your job search toolkit?

So, you are ready to start your job search, but what do you need to get started and stay on track until you find a job? Find out what we recommend and maybe add a few of these to your list.

Common question: Resume distribution service, is it a good idea?

They used to be a popular choice over 10 years ago, but what do we think about this service now?