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Quick non-legal guide to Canadian immigration

So you want to come to Canada and work, learn or other? We listed 11 steps that you

Common resume errors – series: relocating to a new city

So you are ready to pack up and move to another city, province or country! How do you handle your contact details on your resume? Some people recommend going into lengthy discussions regarding why, how, when, etc. you are moving, but is this the best advice?

Your name could affect your chances of finding a job, now what?

We wrote an article about how your first or last name can affect your chances of getting a job. We received a lot of good feedback and questions via email and by phone about the article. One question that came up more than the others, was, so what do I do?

Professional Immigrant Networks

One of our clients was curious if we could provide a list of Professional Immigrant Networks. We have provided a list. 

Tips to help new immigrants find a job

Securing a job is tough for established Canadians. Finding employment for newly arrived Canadian immigrants is much more difficult, but not impossible. There are some good tips and strategies to assist with