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Terms and Agreement

ResumesCanada provides strategic, results-driven and cost effective job preparation solutions for our clients. We offer a portfolio of Human Resources/Recruitment services that will align your career needs to your desired outcome.

At ResumesCanada, we provide quality service and tools. Please review the following items in relation to our terms and conditions:

  1. If you are experiencing barriers to the job application process, we will ask for all job postings, resumes, and other documents that were submitted to job postings in order to get a good idea of delivery and skills matching. We will help to find out if success rates can be improved. This is the most important part of the feedback process and without the details we are unable to help.
  2. Since our resume format and methodologies are unique compared with outdated or mass-produced resume designs, using the documents we produce is imperative to the process. Failure to try our solutions will result in termination of the project. An open mind is vital!
  3. Since our services and products can be replicated after delivery and we book a limited amount of projects, we are unable to offer money back on our range of offerings. We will offer our expertise as mentioned above and most of our clients are extremely satisfied with our work. Funds are refundable only within 12 hours of payment. We start working and investing our expertise as soon as we commit to your project.
  4. Some computer systems are set up to receive files in unique ways. We will work with our clients to ensure that the tools we provide will be compatible with their computers. However, if there are editing difficulties due to client software, we will do our best to assist, but cannot guarantee to fix all issues.
  5. Since we operate similar to law, accounting and other professional services, a retainer and or payment is required to start a project.
  6. We encourage all of our clients to review our documents before submitting. Checking contact numbers, experience, spelling and grammar is key to a great document.
  7. Business days are defined as Monday to Friday with respect to project work.
  8. We are not accountable for positions closing prior to the project completion as this is external to our process.
  9. Since we complete a set amount of projects on a weekly basis, all services purchased will be delivered, and no partial refunds will be processed.
  10. Document storage service is available for two years from the time of purchase.

We look forward to working with you and our clients have realized great results.  Please contact us today for a free consultation or if you know what you are looking for, send us an email or call us.