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Edmonton Resume Writing Help

Are you living and or working in Edmonton, Alberta, or the surrounding area, and are ready to apply to a job?  Have you been applying with the same resume and not seeing any results? We can help you!

We create documents for all types of positions. The energy sector demands a unique set of skills, so we help a lot of folks from this sector. Some of our clients are professional white-collared employees, but we have also crafted documents for retail, labourers, construction, and service-industry clients as well.

Types of Occupations We Assist With in Edmonton, Alberta
Edmonton has a diverse industry, including oil and energy, financial, technology, engineering and a range of trade jobs, as well as the resources sector, including forestry, and some mining.

Newcomers and Newly Arrived Immigrants to Edmonton, Alberta
We work with a lot of great people that have just arrived in Canada. Having a plan is important as well as knowing how to create a resume that Canadian employers want to see. We will write your resume and cover letter in Canadian-specific language.

Our goal is to ensure you have the right tools for every step of your job search, and to ensure you are well prepared as you head out into the job marketplace. Check out our services page and our packages (Entry, Experienced, or Technical). We can help you with every step!

Email us today, or your competition will!