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Why AI Is Not Good for Writing Resumes

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made significant strides in various fields, offering innovative solutions to complex problems and streamlining tasks across industries. From healthcare to finance, AI’s capabilities have revolutionized the way we approach and solve problems. However, when it comes to writing resumes, AI falls short of being a beneficial tool.   […]

The Lost Art of Onboarding: Why Companies Fail at Welcoming New Employees

In the frenetic rush of modern business, where deadlines loom and targets beckon, the process of onboarding new employees often becomes an overlooked formality. Yet, its importance cannot be overstated. Effective onboarding sets the tone for an employee’s entire tenure, shaping their perceptions, productivity, and loyalty. However, many companies falter in this critical endeavour, leading […]

Tailoring Your Resume: The Power of Specificity in Job Applications

In today’s competitive job market, crafting a stellar resume is more critical than ever. Gone are the days when a one-size-fits-all approach could land you your dream job.

The Evolution of Job References: Are Companies Still Requesting Them?

In the dynamic landscape of the modern job market, the traditional practices of recruitment are continually evolving.

Should you include your phone number on LinkedIn?

What are the pros and cons of listing your phone number on LinkedIn? Did you think about some of these benefits and issues?  

Quick non-legal guide to Canadian immigration

So you want to come to Canada and work, learn or other? We listed 11 steps that you