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Interview Coaching

When you get the call for an interview, it can be the best call you receive! But how are you handling that phone call? Did you know the phone call to schedule an interview, is actually an interview itself?! Are you saying the right things, in the right order? Do you sound confident and competent? Do you know how to answer each question? Are you prepared? Do you need some help?

Being guided by someone with direct business and human resources experience is crucial. Our team has worked in human resources, who screened, called, and interviewed countless applicants for a variety of positions. Having the inside scoop is vital to your success, and we are happy to share our expertise with you.

You have worked really hard to get this far in the process. Most people wished they had been more prepared to take that first phone call. We will help you feel ready for any type of phone interview, and prepare you for the in-person interview as well. Walk into your next interview confident, well prepared, and at ease. The results will speak for themselves.

Not getting any calls? (Interview Coaching Service Now Offered)

It can be frustrating to not receive any calls. We can help review your current strategy and find a workable solution. Maybe your resume is great, but the jobs you are applying to are asking for different talent. We will assess every part of your job search process and help you think strategically about what positions you apply to next.

We have some great job interview help available on our blog. Find out how to answer the ‘tough’ interview question and whether talking about salary is acceptable in job interview.

Success is just around the corner! Let us help you put your best foot forward. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation or sign up for one of our proven career coaching packages.

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