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Certification Program

Not only do we work with individuals who need help along their personal career path, we also help professionals take their skills to the next level. Build credibility, and enhance your current skill-set, through completing our Career Program courses.

Are you someone who is:

  • looking to build your career counselling business and need the fundamentals to make this possible?
  • a Career counsellor employed by a University, College, High School, Government, or other institution that provides guidance and counselling to people looking for work?
  • looking to fine-tune your own documents, and also become an expert in career writing?
  • currently working at a recruiting firm, and wants to add value to your clients by offering advice and mentorship throughout the recruitment life cycle?

Then these are the right courses for you!

ResumesCanada Certified Cover Letter Writer Badge  ResumesCanada Certified Resume Writer Badge ResumesCanada Certified Interview Coach Badge ResumesCanada Certified LinkedIn Optimizer Badge

Get on the list!

Fill out the form below to ensure your priority placement when the program is ready. You can also contact us through email or phone if you have further questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: When will the program be ready for me to enroll and complete?
Answer: Soon! We are putting the final touches on the program and going through an extensive testing process to ensure all items are ready for launch.

Question: How will I know when the program is ready, so I can enroll?
Answer: Please fill out the form, and we will let you know when it’s ready. We will also give priority placement to those who fill out the form, so it’s important that you complete it today, as spots are filling up. There is no immediate commitment to the program if you fill out the form, so don’t worry if you change your mind.

Question: What if I own a resume writing company, and do not want to use the badges on my site?
Answer:  You do not need to insert the badges on your website, just completing our programs will be a great set to enhance your career, and you will be able to say that you have completed resume writing (or other) designations to support your client successes.

Question: What is the investment cost for the programs?
Answer: The cost for each program will be just $299 plus applicable taxes, and no membership is required. All fees are non-refundable once you are enrolled in the course.

Question: So why is there no on-going membership fees?
Answer: We believe that a lot of the extras provided through membership are seldom used, so we are offering a simplified and effective solution, without the fluff.


“You did such a great job on our resume, when are you going to offer a resume writing program?”

“Your team should be teaching this stuff, great job on our project. I would love to learn how to do this.”

“I looked into a designation program, but it was located in the States, and I think I saw a VHS cassette on their site. I didn’t know what that was until I Wiki’d it! Can you come up with a new and fresh program? If so, I am onboard!”