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“Weird” and “Unusual” Jobs in 2023

In 2023, the world of work has undergone a rapid transformation, and as a result, new and unconventional jobs have emerged.

What is upskilling and why should it matter?

Upskilling seems to be getting traction, but what is this all about? Where to start?

10 Resume Writing Myths

We all enjoy lists, so why not continue with this timeless tradition of providing a top something for your education and enjoyment about resume writing.

Common question: Resume distribution service, is it a good idea?

They used to be a popular choice over 10 years ago, but what do we think about this service now?

Resume writing tip: Should you list the month and year or just the year?

We see many resumes with the month and year next to each work position, but is that a good idea? Here is a quick resume writing tip, from the resume experts.

Are you a career student, looking for a career?

If you have spent most of your life as a student, then you probably have some questions when it comes to applying for jobs outside academia. We talk with students who have a range of concerns, and anxieties when it relates to the idea of transitioning from the known to the unknown.