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Common Cover Letter Mistakes

Our team reads various job-related articles that clearly state the sole way of writing effective cover letters. However, are these articles helping people secure jobs?


By working with clients, we have found that these articles are hindering their chances of securing a job. We recently read an article by the Business Insider, regarding the steps to writing a great cover letter (here). After reading the article we were surprised to see some recommendations, and my highly skilled team decided to add their recommendations that we believe are important.


To whom should I address the cover letter?

In the past, it may have been important to include the name of the hiring manager or recruiter. However, recruiters do not want their contact information to be broadcasted. It is important to note that recruitment companies are an exception. Job seekers need to keep in mind that recruiters are busy and obtain hundreds of resumes daily. That means you need to make a great first impression with your cover letter and resume, and those that are qualified will be contacted. Be sure to contact one of our professionals (Contact Us) if you want to ensure you are showing your edge.


Should I reiterate my resume?

My team strongly believes that a cover letter should maintain a good balance between your resume and the the position you are applying for. It’s critical that job seekers cater their cover letter for each job application. Having a universal cover letter is better than no letter, but not as good as a specifically crafted letter. It is also important to mention items that are critical to the job roles and responsibilities. After all if you reiterate your skills and expertise, it will become noticeable to the people recruiting for the job.


How should I end a cover letter?

Closing the letter is as important as opening it. We recommend not including “we will call in a week to follow up”. If the person recruiting the for the job likes your credentials, they will call you. Some job can generate over 250 + applicants, so if each called, the person would have a hard time completing their other duties. We recommend not calling (unless you have nothing to lose and if you are dealing with a specific recruiting agency, rather than a recruiting department at a company).


Additional cover letter writing support

Although the article presented some valid points, my team felt it needed to updated. Job seekers should realize that there is no absolute right or wrong way of creating a cover letter. If you are getting calls for an interview, you have a good job seeking tools. Most of our successful clients who send us feedback, keep to our design.


If you found this article interesting or if you know of someone who has encountered difficulties in writing a cover letter, please share your knowledge and contact us for support. Please do share on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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