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Yes! You Heard It Correctly. New Website Coming Soon (Already Arrived!)

After eight years, it’s time for our current website to retire. We are excited about the new one, so check back soon (like, within a couple of minutes of this post).


Don’t have time to read this entire article? Here is the main point:
New website is coming, it’s great and you will love it!


Why the new website?
From what we have learned from industry practices, our current website should have been relaxing in Florida with the rest of the retired sites (like most that are still out there today!). At the time it was born, our site was cutting edge, and focused on current technology demands and visual interest.

We listed a few points of interest below:


1) Technology
We are not technologically omnipotent, but we do keep up-to-date on Google and other search engines, so when they change, we need to change too. It’s also important to keep up with web safety. Some of the sites you visit have old software and are leaky with security holes. Our current site is safe due to Band-Aids all over it, so we aim to do away with those and solve the root problem.

We are also going to address how the site performs on tablets and smartphones, which is a big factor in client satisfaction.

2) Usability

Most clients prefer a simplified solution; we have addressed some of these demands, including easy-to-follow information, site navigation, and a safe, no-hassle checkout process.


3) Blog
Our Blog is going through some changes as well. We try to get an article out to our audience on a monthly basis, and plan to increase the frequency. Sharing is caring!


4) Visuals
Our last aim is to improve the look of the site in relation to current trends. Our current site was a bit tired looking, so the new website is going to be brighter and more engaging. We know you are going to like it.


5) Professional resume, cover letter, interview, and LinkedIn certification programs
Yes! We are wrapping up a complete certification program, because over the years, companies that offer(ed) these certifications fell short on program quality. We felt we needed to step up and create a comprehensive program that addresses the current needs of professionals in this industry. We also noticed that the certification badges being used were pretty boring, so we plan on making this profession cool again (was it ever cool? hmmm). We are going to be one big and hip family.


Concluding thoughts
We are super excited for the new website! If you have any thoughts or comments, please leave them below. Also, please share with your friends, and happy job hunting!

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