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When should you remove your graduation date?

University, college, and high school. These all have graduation dates (well, depending on if you graduated). When is it relevant to remove these dates?


First, we need to talk about why we would want to remove the dates, and then we can discuss the positive impact of doing so. Lastly, we can provide some thoughts on any negative issues with removing the dates.


Why should we remove the dates?

  • If you feel ageism is an issue (too old or too young?) and would someone pass on giving you a chance for an interview based on a judgment about your capabilities related to your age?
  • If your education is older than 10 years or so, then it is probably unnecessary to include the date.

Special note on dates: just include the year ended for graduation date and relating to work experience, the start year and end year (or if still working list ‘present’) will suffice. Do not crowd your resume with the months and years. Adding takes time, so just list the years.


What if I did not graduate?

  • List the start and end years (or if started in January 2023 and ended March 2023, you can list 2023. No need to list 2023 – 2023).

Negative implications for removing the date?

  • To date, we cannot think of anything significant that will impact your profile. Use your discretion, and if you receive feedback, adjust accordingly. Remember that if a recruiter says to include it and they have direct communication with the employer, then I would go with their advice. If someone like your uncle, your sister’s friend or your dentist recommends otherwise, then go with the advice above and adjust your strategy if needed.

We hope you found this useful and like all advice given, you should determine:

  • if what you are doing is not working, then use advice with discretion.
  • try the advice to see if it works and then adjust according to the results.


Share, tell your friends and good luck with your job hunting in 2023!