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When should you provide work references?

So when do you provide work references? Some people will attach with their resume or application and other people tend to wait until they are further into the process. What’s the best advice? Find out.


Since employers have different styles and methods of recruiting, we will cover basically two situations. The first situation discusses when employers ask you for the references along with your resume or application and the second will discuss when there are no instructions provided by the prospective employer.


Prospective employer asks for the references

In this case, you can choose whether you wish to attach your work references to the resume or application. We suggest that if you really want the job, you should comply and send all information asked for, otherwise your application and or resume may not make it past the next stage.


Prospective employer does not provide details on when they are to be submitted

In this case, we always recommend that you should wait until the employer asks for the references. Typically in the recruiting process, when references are requested, you are essentially considered for the role and checking is the last step in the process. Some employers will offer a job letter first and will attach a condition stating that if the references are good, you’re hired.


If you only submit your references to positions that you are very interested in securing, they will thank  you for it. After all, nobody wants to receive a dozen reference calls.


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