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When is the best time to search for a job?

This question ranks fairly high on the ‘most asked’ questions we receive. Find out when the best time to start looking for work.


Most people tend to think the best time to look for work well before holidays, before or after the summer months, and some indicate waiting until Monday. From our experience, the best time to look for a job is when that time is best for you. Companies need people all the time, and they may delay the process during Christmas, or some other holiday. The best way to find out if companies are hiring is to check on job postings. If you see a posting, then there is a need to fill that role, so apply to that job! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


There are lots of websites that post jobs, and some are easily accessible through a Google search. In other word, if you need a job as an Electrical Engineer, then type “Electrical Engineer Jobs in Toronto” for example.


So if you are considering a job move, or trying to break into the new job market, use the search engines to help, go to the company websites and start applying. Waiting is for the procrastinators!


If you need some help finding a hard-to-find job, send a message to us and we can help.


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Happy job hunting!



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