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Tips to help new immigrants find a job

Securing a job is tough for established Canadians. Finding employment for newly arrived Canadian immigrants is much more difficult, but not impossible. There are some good tips and strategies to assist with

the job search and securing and successfully passing the interview stage.

Little or no Canadian experience


Employers like to see experience that is equatable to the origin of where the job is established. In other words, if you are applying to a Canadian job, one would like to see a candidate with Canadian experience.




  1. The right volunteer job is good to build experience and references.
  2. Internships are also great.
  3. Applying to entry level jobs with high credentials may hurt your chances.
  4. Canadianize your resume and cover letter.



Being able to converse in English is paramount to job success. Some occupations focus less on language ability, but the majority of the roles want you to be able to converse with your teammates, clients, or other players




  1. Find someone who you can practice English with and try not to speak your native language at home (this is difficult) or try speaking English a few days a week.
  2. Take an ESL course or better yet, depending on the level of your English, take a business diploma at a college. A two-year program will provide you with the necessary grammar and vocabulary.



Find groups that share common goals and join them. I would also recommend getting your LinkedIn profile created and start networking with companies that interest you. You can “follow” companies which will allow you to see who has left the company, and you can conveniently apply.


There are a lot of tools and resources that we are unable to cover in this introduction to helping immigrants find employment. We will provide some more tools and you are always welcome to email us or respond to a post and we will answer your questions.


What has worked for you?


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