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Should I use an employer where I was fired as a reference?

If you need a reference a from a company that were fired from, you should read this next article.


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We would like to take a few moments to explain the way references work. Ideally, when you provide references to a perspective employer, you would always want to use someone whom you trust and know and that will vouch for you during the reference check. We would never recommend using a ‘blind’ reference which means providing the company and a general contact name. In other words, if you do not know who the reference will be or what they will say, do not use he/she/it.


If you are desperate and hope the company that you just had an interview with, will not check references, go ahead and provide something. No references will most likely eliminate your chances.


Most companies will not provide references, so if you need to justify why you cannot provide a reference, you can tell the company you just interview with that the previous company’s policy is that they are not able to provide detailed analysis. You may be able to contact that comany’s HR department and give permission just to validate the dates worked and position obtained.


There are other variables and items related to references that we did not cover in this article, so please contact us and we can clear up any loose ends.


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