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Rusty at interviews? Here’s a strategy that you may have overlooked.

Has it been a long time since you interviewed for a job? Here’s a tip that will help with performance anxiety!


If you haven’t had an interview for a long time, you may want to try this easy strategy. We recommend that you apply to lots of jobs, and go to every interview you can fit into your schedule (even if you have no interest in the job). The purpose of this is to get experience, and try out new ways of answering questions. There is one caveat, we recommend not to apply to jobs from companies that you really want to work with. The reason being, you may be seen a repeat job applier, and may be blacklisted from future opportunities. And for those jobs that were of no interest at the onset of the application process? Well you may find that the job is pretty decent, and you may have opened a door to another possibility.


The secondary benefit of applying to numerous jobs, is that you can validate if your resume is working. Some people we talk with apply to 50+ jobs without any feedback, calls, or any indication that their resume was received. We would attribute the problem with the resume, so you may be looking to brush up on your resume writing skills or seek some professional assistance.


The takeaway from this article is to get practice, and lots of it. Make the mistakes during those interviews that you are not too concerned with getting the job, and always try new ways of answering questions. Mix it up, and find out what works.


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