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Resume writing tip: Should you list the month and year or just the year?

We see many resumes with the month and year next to each work position, but is that a good idea? Here is a quick resume writing tip, from the resume experts.


The Short

The short answer is probably not. It’s generally not a good idea to write the month next to the year, and I have a super quick explanation as to why we feel omitting the month is a better approach.


We like to make the resume review process easy. We do this by adding a chart and brief points and items that are easy to see and find. If someone has a choice to spend more time locating data or less time, most people would agree that less is best. When we see months, we automatically try to add and pull out the fingers to count.


If 13 months is a critical requirement, then it will be listed on the job posting, and you can point out that you have this requirement. If they see that you have experience years from 2015-2019, then they know there is more than 13 months, and that item is satisfied. Super easy and no fingers involved.


We hope you gained some insight into adding or omitting months to your resume, and if you have that special someone in your life that is adding months to their resume, it’s your responsibility to help that person see the better way of doing things.


As always, if you have any questions or comments about resumes or resume writing, please email us, or leave some constructive details below. Thanks!




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