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Resume writing tip for cooperative (co-op) students – How many pages for the resume?

Are you a co-op student and overwhelmed with the resume advice on page length? We can help with clearing up this question regarding page length.


We had a co-op student reach out to us and needed some help with their resume. We went through the process of collecting details and wrote the document. After we sent through the two-page document, the student took some time to review.



One-to-two pages is a good range to consider for a resume. If you have enough data for 1.5 pages, then that’s fine, if you have enough for one, then go with it. Page length does not equate success or failure.


After a few days, the student emailed us and informed that their co-op advisor told them not to submit the resume because it was two pages. We hear this often, so we had some talking points to provide to the student, and after some convincing, the student decided to go with our advice over their school’s co-op advisor.


A few months later, we received a message from the student, and they successfully secured a job! They also needed our help again to add the new experience to the resume.


I understand that the co-op process is stressful, and it’s essential to secure the required number of placements, so this student had every right to be concerned, especially when the University was stating that two-page documents would not work. I think this issue comes from regurgitating something someone read and taking this to be the absolute way of doing things. Unfortunately, this advice is hurting the chances for students who have enough data to fill two pages.


So, if you are getting some conflicting advice from your co-op department, please reach out to us for our opinion. Most people who work at the Universities are helpful and want you to succeed, and some have little to no industry experience, and solely rely on an article they read, or someone said this but with no concrete evidence to suppose the advice. The reason we suggest strategies is because we get immediate feedback, we use our industry experience, and we have time to help clients one-on-one.


We hope you are getting ready for the next cooperative placement and let us know if you have any questions. We love to help!


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