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Personal Emergency Leave Days

Are you sick and tired of winter yet? Or just sick! Seems like everyone is suffering from the flu this year, including our office, so this is going to be a short post.


We always recommend going directly to the source of these articles, so take some time to review the ESA, so there are no issues related to interpretation of the following details.


Emergency Leave Changes!
All companies must now offer paid personal emergency leave. Previously, only companies with more than 50 employees had to do so. Workers are entitled to 10 personal emergency days per year, the first 2 of which must be paid. Employees are also entitled to new or increased leaves related to a sexual or domestic assault, family medical issues, pregnancy leave following miscarriage or stillbirth, and a child’s death or disappearance, among others.


Sick time and medical documentation
So, while on the topic of being sick or taking emergency leave, here is another update in relation to the dreaded medical note request.


In summary, an employer cannot require an employee to provide a medical note from a qualified health practitioner when the employee is taking the leave because of personal illness, injury or medical emergency or the illness, injury or medical emergency of a specified relative.


Concluding Thoughts
I think you can agree that these changes are good news, hope you make it through another flu season! Please share this article if you liked it, and please continue to send us some ideas for topics you want to see in the future about careers, or other information.

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