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Networking and LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most important and influential networking tool. For those that have not heard about LinkedIn, it’s similar to Facebook without the mojitos and suntans.


Used effectively, you will have an easier time locating contacts for employment, training, resources and other important business relationships.


As with all tools, there are ways to utilize them to maximize their benefits. I’ve listed a few points below to get you started and speaking from experience, some pitfalls or ettiquette that will guide you.


LinkedIn Tips


  1. LinkedIn is not Facebook. Seems pretty simple, but treat it as if you are at a corporate training event, a career fair or a job interview. Keep things formal, until you know your audience. Make sure your picture represents who your perspective audience expects. In other words, if you want to work with conservative people, dress conservative.
  2. Avoid soliciting people to buy your services (if you own your a business).  Receiving unsolicited sales type correspondence is similar to receiving a telemarketing phone call.
  3. Ask someone to introduce yourself to another person. Sending a ‘cold’ request appears anti social and could make the other person feel uncomfortable.
  4. Update your profile to reflect your resume. Chances are that you will have to send your resume at some point in time. The resume is definitely not a dead document. Check for inconsistencies on both and ensure they are in sync.
  5. Update some fun things as well. Even though it’s considered a professional networking site, adding a favourite read, book or other, can show your contacts that you have some additional items to offer.
  6. When in doubt, leave it out.

Networking the only solution?


I believe that networking has helped a lot of our clients and although most publications seem to think that networking is the best source, we believe a good combination of all strategies will greatly enhance your chances of obtaining a new position.


Check out this interview on social media with Seth Godin.


Tell us what you think about LinkedIn? Any value for you? Any questions regarding the site and how to navigate through the masses?


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