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Mr. Mike Pence wants your resume?!

Lots of people in positions of power and trust are seeking resumes, but what’s going on here?


It’s a scam (most likely, but probably a high degree of certainty).


Most people here in Canada have a pretty good understanding of how the job application system works and most people understand that Mike Pence, the King of eSwantini (formerly Swaziland), or whoever is emailing you with this wonderful opportunity, is probably phishing for details.


This example is quite absurd, but there are other types of scams that are less obvious. The names sound like they could be real, the company sounds legit, and all sounds great to someone that really needs a job (including the $130 per hour to work from home).



Our first piece of advice is to use a safe email system, that scans for viruses and other malicious intent, and if you see an email that looks ‘phishy’, do not open and delete immediately. If you are unsure about the email and are a curious cat, you could do some sleuth work and Google the nature of the email, the name of the person who contacted you, or their email address. This can be accomplished without opening the email. Usually this person or group of criminals have sent out many of these emails, so the diligent folks out there have provided some useful details on these companies and you will be warned.


New to Canada

If you are new to Canada, you are especially vulnerable since you may not be aware of the scam, or perhaps where you are from, people might have different methods of contacting prospective job applicants.


Same advice follows as mentioned above, when in doubt delete the email, or if you think it’s legitimate, then Googling the name or other will typically shed some light on the nature and intent of the email.



If it sounds too good to be true, tell someone about it, ask around, or just assume it’s a scam. I would also ask the question “how did they get your information?” If they contact you and there are no details including where they found your resume, or if you have never posted your resume or have a LinkedIn profile, then chances are that’s a fake. Just be diligent and take some time to do some research to find out if this company is real.


Happy job hunting and if you have any questions about this article, feel free to comment below, or you can go ahead and contact us anytime for some free advice.


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