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Is there a problem with infographic resumes?

Sure they look cool, but do they actually work?

Infographic resumes have been around for some time, and we still see clients using these types of documents and some ask if we can create this type and format of resume. The short answer is yes we can, but we don’t. Here’s why.


They do not perform well

This is the biggest reason why we do not use these types of resumes. When people ask us to review their resume because they haven’t been getting any response (ie. interview calls or emails), and they have a infographic resume, we know pretty much right away that this is the cause of the issue. Historically speaking, clients with infographic resumes tend not to do well on the job front.



Since the resume is using graphics, interpretation of the data is important, and more so than the content. So when people can’t see what the objects, shapes or graphs are ‘saying’ to them, they tend to shut off their brain. Some people lack the ability to deconstruct pictures and symbols and some people do not have the time to figure out what seven bars out of 9 bars means in terms of your proficiency in C++, sales, or other. We prefer to show some examples of the use of the skill, so people will understand what you have completed and the extent of how you used it.


When are they useful?

I think they generally are not useful when compared with a regular chronological resume. If you really want an infographic resume, then perhaps attach it to a regular resume and send the whole package in together.


How did you like this article? Do you have some experiences with infographic resumes you can share with others (positive or negative?).


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