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Is the hidden job market a myth? Find out.

Most people have heard about the ‘hidden job market’, but as you will find out, there is no substantial market hidden from the public.


So if there is no hidden job market, why do people keep talking about it?


We have been hearing about this mysterious job market, which is accessed through a series of secret doors, riddles and mythological creatures. The truth is that this phenomenon is created by people, who are out of the loop with respect to finding and locating jobs.


We checked out sources like Workopolis and found the same information circulating on this site, as with the other thousand sites. The problem with this article is that the person writing the article has no career experience. His background is content writing, with travel experience!


So what are these jobs?

These people are most-likely referring to jobs that are posted internally (ie. company posts to their employees first), or leveraged through a job-placement agency (or headhunting service). But even in the latter, most companies would post their jobs on their website (it’s free).


What should you do then?

We recommend spending your precious time working on job postings that are open to you, and if you have time, sure go ahead and see if you can dig up some internal postings (maybe a friend has access), and try your luck that route. We recommend applying to jobs that you may have a chance to secure, rather than jobs that you will not be considered for. We all like to save time, and most people hate the job search process.


Are there any other scenarios where the hidden market is unrelated to internal postings?

Yes, but as mentioned above, the amount of time it takes to chase these jobs, you could have applied to 10x the amount of posted jobs, so why waste your time. We would recommend that you network, and do the ‘relationship building’. Make sure to leverage LinkedIn, that’s an important tool.


Good luck with your job search!


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