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Is it okay to discuss salary early in the hiring process?

We get this question a lot, and most clients feel uncomfortable about talking about salary early in the process. What is the general consensus regarding this controversial topic. Be the first to read about it. 


We found this article through the HR Reporter and enclosed the details below.


Contrary to conventional wisdom, employers are open to discussing salary early in the hiring process, according to a survey by staffing firm Robert Half.


Thirty-eight per cent of senior managers believe it is OK to ask about compensation and benefits in the first job interview, while 25 per cent suggested waiting for the second interview.


There may be little downside to asking about salary in early-round interviews. Only one in 10 respondents (11 per cent) said they decided against hiring someone because she brought up pay and benefits prematurely, found the survey of more than 300 senior managers in Canada.


“It’s important the candidate and potential new boss are within the same range of expectations before getting too far along in the hiring process,” said Greg Scileppi, president of Robert Half, international staffing operations “Before bringing up the topic of compensation at an interview, jobseekers should research what the salary range for someone with their skills and experience should be.”


When is it appropriate for job candidates to ask about compensation and benefits during the hiring process?


Phone interview


First interview


Second interview


Third interview or after


Once you make the job offer




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