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How to add LinkedIn URL link to resume (Updated again for Dec 2019)

We wrote an update to this topic back in 2017, and that was updated from an article from 2013! Here is a refresher.

So, what has changed since 2017? The most important item is that Google no longer supports URL Shortener. If you are unfamiliar with this tool, it takes a long URL and makes it short and manageable.


Here is how we recommend adding your LinkedIn link to your resume:

a) login to LinkedIn
b) Copy your LinkedIn URL by highlighting the web address
c) Open a new browser window
d) Paste your URL into the new browser window
e) Copy that URL and then open your resume, paste, and that’s it!

We recommend these steps as sometimes the link does not work if you copy when you are logged into your LinkedIn profile.

If you have any questions about this process, resume writing in general or anything else, email us at or contact us, and we should be able to help. No charge!


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