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Do you know how to send a cover letter and resume?

Okay, so you have spent a few hours creating your cover letter and resume and found a great job. So how do you apply? There are a few options when you are ready to apply for jobs and we will outline some of these below.



LinkedIn is a popular choice to apply for jobs, because your profile is already completed and ready to use and this is a straightforward method. We like LinkedIn because you can see how many people have applied for the job, and other important details.


Company Website

Checking out company websites is a good way to find out if they are hiring. Since there is a cost to posting jobs, companies like to use their website as a way to advertise job openings. Some companies will ask you fill out an application and attach your resume, while others will direct you to an email address.


Email Address

So, if you encounter a job posting that lists an email address, you can either send your cover letter and resume as attachments or copy and paste your cover letter to your email and then attach your resume.

If you plan on attaching both documents, you should include some kind of message in your email. For example; “Good Morning, I am interested in applying for the ABC job. Please see my cover letter and resume in the attachments. I am looking forward to the next steps in the application process.”


Other Job Boards

Some job boards like have a standard setup to create an account and upload a cover letter and resume. They are generally pretty straightforward to use but will take some time to setup.



Most clients have questions regarding how to apply for jobs using email. We feel there are no set rules to follow, but we like the recommendation above. Don’t forget to include the job reference number in your email subject line, as this will make it easier for the receiver to sort and filter their open jobs.

If you have any questions or advice for our readers, please leave a comment below, and happy job hunting!


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