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Cover letter writing basics

Have you written a cover letter lately? Most people that we meet and talk to about job search and other related stuff, typically use a general type of cover letter, but is this the best way to break down job search barriers? Find out.


For those new to cover letters, they are used to accompany the resume when applying to a job. Generally they are made up of a few components, such as your contact information, date, subject line, introduction, body and conclusion. They are similar to essays!


Lots and lots of advice related to cover letters is readily available and we would caution when ‘experts’ state the proper way of creating one. There is no absolute right or wrong way to create a cover letter. We have some advice that has worked well for our clients.


The most important part of cover letter writing is specificity. Really take the time to look over the job posting and cater your cover letter to what the employer is looking for. Keep it short and to the point and play around with the content if you find it’s not working well for you.


We will follow up on this article and go in a bit more detail about what a sample cover letter looks like. Until then, please keep the questions coming and if you liked this article, be kind and share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (pick a few below) or tell your grandmother, trust me, she will love this stuff.


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