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Are there jobs available during the pandemic?

Many questions are coming through concerning job search during this pandemic, so we decided to share some common questions and some advice.


We listed some common questions below. Most people we talk with are anxious to get back to work, so hopefully this helps.



Are companies still hiring?

Yes, if you see job postings, apply to the jobs! If you see jobs that are requiring more experience, then you have, I would recommend applying. Apply to every job that looks interesting and a good fit.


How is the job competition?

The competition is tight for some sectors, so focus on your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile and ensure they reflect the experience required for the jobs.


What jobs are available?

There are numerous jobs posted and after checking the major job boards, LinkedIn, and other sources, we see a diverse range.


There are some thoughts on why companies are still hiring and why there are gaps in employment a) people are ill and or self-isolating, b) people are quitting c) surge in specific jobs, IT help as people are working from home, and delivery drivers d) healthcare (specifically nursing) are in demand and hospitals are employing new grads to work as support staff.


What about interviews?

Interviews are still occurring and depending on the company and their operations; they will decide what the best methods are to screen candidates. The phone interview will be an essential aspect of the process, so you can brush up on your phone interviewing techniques.


We recommend that you download virtual meeting tools, like MS Teams, Google Hangouts, Skype and other software in advance so that you can test the software and your Internet connection. The hiring company will let you know which software they have access to. Invest in greater bandwidth for the duration of your search if you need to improve your connection.


Similar to navigating through a phone interview, it’s essential to find a quiet space. This might be challenging if you are home and you have kids or pets, but companies should be forgiving. You could let the interviewer know that there could be some background noise. The interviewer will probably be at home too! Also, dress up. The good news is that you only need to dress up for the top half of your body; just don’t stand up!


New Canadians

Most would say that this is bad timing for newly arrived Canadians. Yes, there will be some barriers to overcome, but there are opportunities available. Many people are removing themselves from the workplace voluntarily, so that frees up job slots. Working for a couple of companies in part-time capacities will provide work experience and references, and when this pandemic is moving towards positive outcomes, you will be ready to hit the ground running.


Top jobs available

We listed some jobs that frequently come up during our searches across Canada:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Customer service
  • Virtual sales
  • Packer
  • Grocery shopper
  • Drivers
  • Pet sitter
  • Security
  • House cleaners
  • Merchandiser
  • Childcare provider
  • Public sector
  • Various IT-related


Silver lining?

This has been a challenging time for everyone, and hopefully, one that we will never experience again. There are some positive items we can take away from the current situation. The primary theme that we see is the ability for someone to change jobs. We all know someone who is working in a job they hate, and this could be the push they need to do something different, so look out for opportunities and try something new.


Don’t wait and get comfortable or anticipate EI payments will provide enough earnings. We hope everyone stays healthy (pick up some cans of soup and do some bicep curls) and stay positive! If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave a comment below or contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.


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