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Too busy to update your resume? You might be compromising your chances for that next job.

What do we mean when we say update your resume? Find out how not doing this could affect your future job opportunities.


So, you just started a new job, and the next thing you realize is that you have been with the company for 10 years, and it’s time to find another exciting role. You pull up your resume and notice that the last time it was updated, was when you used it to apply for the job you are now currently working.


Panic! The job posting closes in a few days, and there is no way you can pull together 10 years of experience and edit and refine the details so they fit nicely into a complete, and succinct package. The deadline looms….


What do we recommend so you are better prepared?

Email is your friend. Believe it or not, this is one of the few times email is supportive and helpful. I’ll explain.


You just finished working on a project and all the details are fresh. Things like how many staff you worked with, the project duration, costs, tools used to keep yourself organized, budgetary constraints, letters or messages of recognition; the list goes on.


Take a few moments to email your future self, using Resume as your subject line so you can filter later, and send through some highlights. Every time you do something that you feel is important and noteworthy, like a taking a course, or acting in a leadership role, or whatever the items are, email yourself and when the time comes to pull up the old resume, you will have lots of details to utilize.


It’s hard enough to write a resume, but even harder if you do not have anything to support your writing. If you follow this easy strategy, I think you’re going to be okay.


If you like this article, please share it, and comment below if you have some other strategies to help your fellow job seekers. Good luck and job on!


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