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Should you tell your employer that you are looking for another job?

There are reasons why it’s a good idea to not disclose any details if you plan on jumping ship!


So you’ve had enough of your current job, and you decided that you are going to look for something else. Perhaps you are looking for more money, a more supportive manager, or a commute that doesn’t drain your energy. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure; you will be applying to job postings and eventually leaving your current position.


Reasons why you may want to keep your job search secret:


Bye bye training, development, and special projects

Why should your current company continue to invest in your professional development? After all, you are going to pack up and leave, right? From their perspective, it makes sense to only pay for the professional development of an  employee that will stay at the company. You might also lose out on perks or bonuses, such as paid business class travel.


Attitudes change

Some people may experience a shift in how they are perceived once the cat is out of the bag. Mistakes you may have made in the past that were no big deal, suddenly become a bigger deal. Coworkers might give you the cold shoulder, and your manager may not be as chummy/buddy-buddy/palsy-walsy (insert any 19th century friendly word here) with you.


Decide not to leave the company

If you decide not to leave your company after all but blabbed about wanting to do so all over the office, you are seen as flighty and disloyal, and the above points may haunt you.



Whatever the reason you decide to leave your company, you may want to take the above points into consideration. We are not recommending that you always follow this advice and not tell anyone, but just be aware that things could change for you in a negative way.


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