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Interview Help, Tip for ESL candidates and how to improve your English speaking skills

This article will share interview help strategies for non-native-English speaking job candidates so that they can pass the interview with confidence.


Canada is a diverse country, but one needs to have a solid command of the English language as it’s a requirement to getting a job. I would make this your number one priority before you start applying to professional jobs. Oh and don’t worry if you have an accent, that is what makes us unique!





Avoid putting languages on the resume

If languages are not relevant to the job, do not list languages on the resume, especially listing English.


It’s assumed that you know English because your cover letter, LinkedIn and resume are in English. Native English speakers do not list English, so we recommend that you follow this strategy.


Speak English at home

Suppose you speak a non-English language at home. In that case, we encourage you to speak English before the interview and the longer the timeframe from when you start speaking until the interview will determine how proficient you will sound.



Volunteering with a local organization that speaks English is a great way to meet people, build contacts (maybe job contacts), and practice speaking in a casual setting.


Practice talking out loud

Language experts recommend speaking the target language instead of reading internally. This will help with how it sounds in practical settings.


Take a language course

Colleges or adult learning schools are a great way to improve your English. The programs are structured, and they will give you lots of practice in speaking, writing and listening.


I hope you learned some tips for passing the interview, and we cannot stress the importance of having a good command of the English language. If you are struggling with English, it will not be easy to gain employment, so make this your top priority and good luck with your interviews!


If you have any questions or comments, please let us know below, or email us at for some advice.


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