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Do you know how many phone numbers you should list on your resume?

There is a short answer and longer answer to this question. Find out what we think and improve your resume today!


Short answer

The short answer is: use just one number. Have a great day!


The longer answer, but still short.

List a number that you have access to regularly (like a cell phone), and that has voicemail. The voicemail component is an important item to note. Employers are probably not going to spend time calling you on multiple occasions.


You also do not need to provide that the phone is a landline or cell phone on your resume. You can list the contact number as it does not matter and complicates the profile if you add other details.


Can you list two or three numbers on your resume? Sure, but we recommend just one. If you learned something new today, please consider sharing with your friends, and your dentist.


Happy job hunting!


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