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“What do you know about our company?”, interview question.

A common question that still comes up through the interview process is related to your knowledge of the company. We are going to cover some strategies in relation to this question below, and provide some interview help.

Is there a stigma attached to Millennials and possible issues related to job search

Are you a Millennial and scared about job prospects due to the stigma attached to your generation? Fear not and keep reading!

Common resume errors – series: relocating to a new city

So you are ready to pack up and move to another city, province or country! How do you handle your contact details on your resume? Some people recommend going into lengthy discussions regarding why, how, when, etc. you are moving, but is this the best advice?

What is the difference between a CV and Resume?

We often hear people use the term Curriculum Vitae (CV), but what is the difference between a CV and a resume? Find out, you may be surprised.

R.I.P. Cover Letters? They are not dead (yet)

We noticed there are a lot of people chiming in about cover letters and their worth. Find out what we think about this opinion.

Cover letter advice

So, does anyone really read a cover letter? Is is worth the trouble to research, draft, re-check and ensure all items are clearly stated? Find out why it’s important or not to create a cover letter for each job.