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Best Places to Work 2017 in Canada

Are you working at the ‘best place to work’? Want to find out which place is ranked the highest? We have a breakdown of the top 10 places with salaries according to Glassdoor, so read on and see where you should be sending your cover letter and resume this week.


Please note that the details are self-reported (salaries, other), so keep that in mind when reviewing. Also note the details are taken from the beginning of October 2017, so they will probably change as time progresses.



Shopify is an e-commerce company, that provides financial transaction interfaces for businesses.

Average Salaries: Software Developer ($93K), Guru ($40K), Customer Success Guru ($40.4K).




Ceridian is a human capital management technology company. They offer a line of software that manages employee data, such as payroll, time and attendance, benefits, recruiting, and many other planning and reporting tools.

Average Salaries: Software Developer ($71.3K), Implementation Consultant ($70.6K), Solutions Consultant ($79.6K).




ATB provides financial and investment services. Interesting note: ATB = Alberta Treasury Branch, and is owned by the province of Alberta.

Average Salaries: Customer Service Rep ($17.20/hr), Personal Banking Specialist ($48.1K), Director ($111.4K)




SalesForce offers cloud software to assist in the sales and relationship management process. Better information leads to better leads, and revenue.

Average Salaries: Account Executive ($62.4K), Sr. Technical Staff ($123.4K), Business Development Representative ($54.3K).




IT company with a host of services and products.

Average Salaries: Software Engineer ($78.4K), Software Engineer II ($76.9K), Software Engineer III ($105.3K).




Apple is probably one of the most recognizable brands in the world. I trust that you know what they do!

Average Salaries: Specialist ($17.35/hr), Family Room Specialist ($17.84/hr), Redzone Specialist ($17.79/hr).




Hotels and resorts!

Average Salaries:  Room Attendant ($16.58/hr), Houseperson ($14.58/hr), Server (12.61/hr), Apprentice Cook ($15.89/hr), Head Houseperson ($15.97/hr), Front Desk Agent ($18.53/hr), Banquet Server ($13.19/hr), Porter ($15.47/hr), Carpenter Apprentice ($22.71/hr), Electrician Apprentice ($19.68/hr), Plumber Apprentice ($19.68/hr), Kitchen Steward ($17.54/hr), Chef de Partie ($22.30/hr).




Constructors of all kinds of building and structures.

Average Salaries: Project Coordinator ($64.7K), Project Manager ($87.7K), Field Engineer ($54.3K).




Retail company producing makeup, and other beauty and skin-care products.

Salaries: Colour Consultant ($12.22/hr)/Colour Consultant ($12.26/hr), Cashier ($11.62/hr).



#10 SAP

Similar to Ceridian (listed above).

Average Salaries:  Software Developer ($72K), Software Developer Intern ($23.63/hr), Senior Software Developer ($82.9K).



Well, here are the top 10 best 2017 employers from If you would like to see the complete list of 25, you can find that information here. Perhaps if you are looking for a new job, you should check out these companies, and find out if they are a good match for your profile.


Do you work for a company that should be on the top 25 best employer list? Comment below, or send us an email. Happy job hunting!


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