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What’s in your job search toolkit?

So, you are ready to start your job search, but what do you need to get started and stay on track until you find a job? Find out what we recommend and maybe add a few of these to your list.

Interview Preparation Tip Self-Employed Part 3: Pitfalls and Strategies

Being self-employed is great, but the journey can be tricky when you decide you want to get back to the standard work arrangement (having a boss). Keep reading to uncover some advice.

Tormenting job candidates with numerous interviews

If you ever had more than three interviews for a job, you know the process was stressful and probably unorganized. After all, why do companies put their candidates through so many rounds of interviews?

10 Resume Writing Myths

We all enjoy lists, so why not continue with this timeless tradition of providing a top something for your education and enjoyment about resume writing.

Interview Help, Tip for ESL candidates and how to improve your English speaking skills

This article will share interview help strategies for non-native-English speaking job candidates so that they can pass the interview with confidence.

References Tip Self-Employed Part 2: How and what?

Happy New Year! Yes, we missed our January blog post. What happened to January?   Anyway, we have another post for you, and it’s the continuation of the three-part (for now) series on self-employed strategies to securing a job. If you are not self-employed, you probably will pick up some pointers, so read on!