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Quitting [Your Job]

Did you wake up this morning and decide you were going to quit today? Maybe, probably surely, but did you walk, hike, bike or drive into work and actually ended the working relationship? Gulp

Networking and LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most important and influential networking tool. For those that have not heard about LinkedIn, it’s similar to Facebook without the mojitos and suntans.

Finding the elusive job

There are a number of resources that assist with finding a good job (or if you really need a pay cheque, any job will do). 

New Website Coming Soon..

We are getting a new website! Yes, an easy to follow and simple design that will highlight our message in a more attractive and visually pleasing way.

Phone interview tips and suggestions

One the most overlooked items with respect to the job search is the phone screen.  Many job seekers appreciate the face-to-face interview, but few focus on how to proceed through this often undervalued meeting.

Resume Writing Tips: Interests/Activities

We had a question from a client regarding the Interests and Activities section of the resume.  The client wanted to know if we should include some details in this section, here was our response: