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Newcomers to Canada/Immigrants

As a newcomer to Canada you have put great effort into building a new life in your new community and are ready to find a job.

You have adjusted to the Canadian culture and will now set out to seek a position in a company who will offer you the fortunate challenge of understanding theirs.

You most likely have many questions about finding work here. Everything from, “how do I write a cover letter, resume, and fill out a LinkedIn profile for the Canadian application process?” to “should I send a token of appreciation to my interviewer?”

There are no questions not worth asking! You just need a safe space with a qualified professional who understands the delicacy of your transition and the solutions to make it smoother for you.

We have some blog posts to get you started as well. We can help with what to do if you think your name is a hindrance in your job search and some great tips on finding your first job in Canada.

Let us help you get organized for the job search, choose one of our many writing services, or contact us today.