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Would you apply to a job with half a resume?

We’re thinking probably not… so why do some people apply for jobs with incomplete details?


When we receive questions about LinkedIn, and specifically regarding the level of information one should include in their profile (which is taken from their resume), we provide an easy answer, “all!”


Since your resume is a summary of your skills, competencies, and job duties, then if you summarize that document and put those items into your LinkedIn profile, you are going to end up with a very short story.


Where’s the plot and character development, and all that stuff that makes a story interesting, compelling and ensuring you want to read more?


Why sell yourself short?

Since we use LinkedIn to apply to jobs, most people would agree they want to give the complete story to the perspective employer.

We also notice there are a lot of articles about how to write a LinkedIn profile, so things can be confusing. The key takeaway from this article is to ask yourself “would you apply to a job with half a resume?”


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