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LinkedIn skill assessments (quizzes). Are they worth the time?

Did you notice something new(ish) within the LinkedIn system? LinkedIn rolled out skill assessments or quizzes that you can complete and show off your level of comprehension concerning specific skills in your profile. But are these worth completing?


Are they available for everyone?

As per the LinkedIn site, these are available for some users. I tried out the Excel assessment/quiz and passed. To see the result, search for the skill, and next to it, you will see a checkmark on a clipboard/pad. I included a picture below. If you roll over your cursor on the clipboard within your profile, you will see “Passed: LinkedIn Assessments.”



So why is this important?

When you apply for jobs and read through the job postings, you will see the requirements set forth by the company. Often you will see “advanced Excel,” “MS Office preferred,” and so on. The problem is, how does one measure the technical skill? This could be a way for a recruiting person to see that you have some knowledge, and it could be used as a way to screen candidates.


Some jobs posted through LinkedIn will generate a link to complete the assessment, which allows you to demonstrate your knowledge for the skill.


Also, LinkedIn is a platform that needs to generate money, so I am sure they will use these badges to help their marketing team to target training and other delicious things for you to purchase.


Is it mandatory to take the assessment?

According to the information found within LinkedIn, it is not mandatory to take the assessment, but if two similar profiles apply for the same job, and Person A takes and passes the assessment, while the other does not, it would make sense that Person A would be in a better position.


Who can see your results if you do not pass?

As per the LinkedIn information, if you do not pass, the badge will not show up, and no one but you will know the outcome.


How long are the assessments?

LinkedIn states that the quizzes are about 15 to 20 multiple choice questions. This is similar to what I encountered and the quiz questions are timed. You have to complete all questions during the session (so no pausing and coming back to the quiz).


What is a passing mark?

If you obtain a score in the 70th percentile or above, you will receive a passing grade and the badge like the one above.


What if I fail?

If you do not pass the quiz, you can retake it in 3 months and the system will not show that you failed.


What happens if I delete the skill and badge?

You won’t be able to get it back unless you retake the test. So, be careful when deleting your skills.



It sounds like this system might be an interesting way to demonstrate your knowledge in a particular skill. Additionally, it will probably be used to help sell you things in the future, like additional courses. Also, be aware that the system is in beta testing, so the details above could change, or maybe they will scrap the program. Happy job hunting!


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