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LinkedIn Profile Picture: What You Need to Know

Do not have a LinkedIn profile picture? Perhaps unsure what kind of picture to use? Read about our tips and suggestions regarding the picture.


Get to the point


The LinkedIn picture should reflect the type of job you are seeking. Looking for a job in a bank? You may want something more conservative. Applying to a cool technology company? Perhaps something more casual. The most important features of the picture are clarity, style and your personality.


Opening thoughts


We all know someone who has Facebook or some other type of social media account. The difference between these social accounts and the more conservative LinkedIn account, is one is for everyday updates and shared with friends and family and the LinkedIn account is supposedly for professional and business contacts.




The LinkedIn picture should be clear and crisp. We have reviewed lots of accounts and noticed some have grainy, dark or blurry pictures.




If you are applying to a conservative job, we would recommend dressing conservatively. You can try searching for other people who are employed at this same company and dress like them. Applying to a relaxed and fun place or work, would require a softer and more casual approach.




We helped a client with her picture and felt it greatly contributed to her securing a position with a company. Her picture was cold and chilly and it seemed that she was an unhappy sort of person. Upon meeting her, we discovered the opposite and suggested she 1) dressed differently 2) smiled 3) changed her hair style. The result was a welcoming, happy and highly presentable visage. Another client had a picture comparable to the Dark Knight (Batman). It was creepy and scary and we recommended a different approach. Less looming-like and more fun like Robin.


If you know someone who has a scary, dark or otherwise strange picture, please be a friend and let them know. It could increase their chances of securing a job.


What do you think is a good suggestion for a LinkedIn profile picture? Share this article and send us your questions.


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