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Do I need to write my full address on the cover letter and resume?

Most of the cover letters and resumes we see from clients (their existing documents before we edit them), include their full address, but is this still important to include?


A long time ago (for those that remember a time before the Internet), people would mail or fax their covering letter and resume to companies in response to posted positions (in a newspaper or other). The company would kindly get back to the applicant through email to let them know that they have received the application, and or they did not make the cut.


Nowadays it’s uncommon to hear that companies mail anything to applicants, and the choice of communication media are email, and phone.


So, this brings us to the main question of this article, do we need to include our full mailing address? We listed a couple of options below:


Sure go ahead, it can’t hurt. People are still doing it, so it’s generally accepted.


Don’t bother, just list your city as companies still want to know how far you are going to commute.


You may also enjoy this article related to how your address could determine if you are eligible for an interview.


So, there you have it, two short answers! If you found this article useful, please feel free to share below, we would appreciate it!


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