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Are you almost done your degree or have already finished? If you haven’t already started, you’re probably going to look for a new job soon.  Maybe you’re looking to become an accountant, a mortgage broker or a teacher. This is a very exciting time in your life as you’re finally at a place where your dream job is that much closer. As a university graduate you’re already ahead of many other job candidates, but the race isn’t over yet.  You still need to create a great resume and cover letter to impress your potential employer and land an interview.

Putting your best possible resume and cover letter together is integral to getting a job.  A recent article from the Vancouver Sun, titled “Degrees of uncertainty: Is being a university graduate losing its value?” depicts that many university graduates are having much more trouble than anticipated when they enter the job market.  Here at ResumesCanada, we offer university graduate resume help.

Do You Need University Graduate Resume Help?

Do you need help with your university graduate resume? Or perhaps know a close friend or family member that does? No need to be ashamed if you do – resumes are difficult! Creating a good resume and cover letter is one of the toughest things you will do.  Landing your first post-graduate job is the most difficult job process that you will likely have in your lifetime, as you probably have little to no work experience.  This means that you must leverage the skills and abilities you have gained during your degree, including extra-currilcular activities, volunteer work, part-time work, and other activities to show your true potential. It can be a difficult job to do this effectively, but we are here to help university graduates accomplish their goals at ResumesCanada.

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Quick Tips to Strengthen Your University Graduate Resume

I’m sure most, if not all of you, have received resume advice from your university career centre or advisor.  Some of their advice is definitely beneficial, but they are giving the same advice to all of their students – your competition in job placement. In order to make sure you land the interview instead or along side your classmate, you need to take control and differentiate.  Everyone has individual experience, skills and traits that can show how they are unique.  However, many people struggle to discover these things about themselves.  At ResumesCanada, we will work with you to discover what makes you unique and help you leverage this to land the job interview you’ve always wanted.  Take a look below for our quick tips on how to strengthen your university graduate resume.

  1. Your Letterhead Leads the Way: Your letterhead is an area where you can express your creativity, but you must balance this clarity and the impression you intend to leave with the employer.
  2. Headers Highlight Your Traits: Make sure you craft your headers to focus on what best portrays you.  Also remember to make the headers stand out for easy readability.
  3. Bulleted Statements for Big Impressions: Under each position, make the most of your bulleted statements.  Make the words count by keeping each sentence short, but powerful. Also remember that readability is very important.
  4. Feedback to Finish: Before you “finish” your resume, you must always get feedback.  Even though you’ve likely read over your resume a hundred times, asking for a second and third opinion is always beneficial. I guarantee that your reviewers will find something that you don’t!

Hopefully these tips for your university graduate resume help get you started.  Contact us at ResumesCanada to take your resume and cover letter to the next level and land the job of your dreams.

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