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    What Are The First Steps?
    Another great question! Do you have a resume? Have you worked in the same position for a long time and can’t recall if you ever had to create a resume? Contact us and we’ll explain how we help clients.

    What is Job Writing?
    We defined Job Writing as anything that will enhance your chances of getting an interview and a great job. Resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, marketing briefs (on hold), immigration letters, and reference letters are all examples of the tools that we create for clients. Each have a purpose and each are carefully crafted and developed to suit individual needs. After all, all situations are unique aren’t they?

    LinkedIn needs a special category and mention. We cannot emphasis the importance of this emerging networking tool. Most clients are surprised to find out the job search potential of this powerful tool. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, get one, if you are unsure of how to create one, contact us and we will create one for you.

    The value of your project will depend on two simple factors, occupation (current or desired) and years of service. The investment starts at $99 for entry level position, and we include a few free items such job search strategies. Ask for a no obligation quote, or free assessment. Since obtaining a resume is different than buying a smartphone, we build specific plans for specific clients and avoid using ‘Checkout Carts’.

    Get Resume Help Today

    What kind of resumes, cover letters and other projects do we create for clients?
    We create documents for all types of positions. Most of our clients are professional white-collared employees, but we have also crafted documents for retail, labourers, construction, and service-industry clients as well.

    Sample resume projects listed below:

    • Administration (executive assistant, and various occupations)
    • Animal Medicine/Care (veterinarian, dog and pet groomer)
    • Architect (housing, interiors, commercial, restaurant, allotments)
    • Buyer, Sourcing (retail, food, pet food, electrical)
    • Construction (estimator, project coordinator)
    • Dental Health (denturist, dental assistant)
    • Directors (athletics, telecommunications, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, fashion, sales, logistics, art)
    • Doctors (ophthalmology, optometry)
    • Education (college professor (healthcare, trades), instructor, ECE, grade school, Temporary Hourly Rated (THR))
    • Engineers (electrical, computer, process, mechanical, mechatronics, chemical, civil, nanotechnology)
    • Film & Entertainment (production and design assistant, camera operator)
    • Finance/Accounting/Banking (CPA/CA, CGA, CMA, financial planner, personal banker, customer service, payroll coordinator)
    • Firefighters (probationary, mechanic)
    • Government (Mayor, Queen’s Park intern)
    • Graphics Design/Marketing (graphic designer, illustrator, artist, logo and branding, coordinator, manager, supervisor)
    • Healthcare (Respiratory Therapist (RT), long term care, Personal Support Workers (PSW), patient transfers, oncology research assistant, sub-investigator)
    • Human Resources (training OD, compensation, H&S, advisor, generalist, assistant)
    • IT (program manager, IT technical, programmer, help desk, analyst)
    • Law and Security/Policing (deputy police chief, detective inspector, staff sergeant, police constable, corrections officer, security guard, private investigator, security and safety officer, communicator police services)
    • Logistics, Warehouse, Distribution (customs brokerage, import/export, international, freight forwarding, procurement)
    • Management (directors, managers, supervisors, leads)
    • Media (editor, marketing)
    • Mechanics/Millwrights (310T, 310S, marine and small engine)
    • Nurses (Registered Nurses (RN), Registered Practical Nurses (RPN), general medicine, mental health, education, OR)
    • Religion/Spirituality (minister)
    • Retail (food, clothing, telecommunications)
    • Sales (pharmaceutical, automotive, advertising, retail, IT, supply chain, clothing and apparel)
    • Social Services (social worker, addictions support, general counselling)
    • Trades (electrician, HVAC, oil refinery mechanic, print production)
    • University and College Students (actuary, accounting, finance, arts, IT, engineering, pharmacy, co-op, marketing, international students)


    Getting Started

    1. Contact us through our Contact Us page, or phone (1.855.544.5627) to start the conversation. Since writing a resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile are specialized tasks, we would like to get a good idea of your background, or if you have an existing resume, you can send to us for a review.

    2. Once we have a good idea of what type of occupation you are looking to secure or a general sense of what you are looking for (we also offer career counselling), we will draft up and send you the project plan, which outlines the services you require, cost and timeline.

    3. Choose any of our convenient payment options to secure your project slot. Once your slot is reserved, we will start working for you immediately. We open a limited number of slots on a weekly basis, so it’s best to secure early.

    4. We have a streamlined process which encompasses a questionnaire that will be specifically built for you and emailed to you for your convenience.

    5. After the prescribed timeframe, and when the questions are returned we will have the resume created and will email the final results, at which time you can check and ensure all details are correct. We can make edits as needed. In the case of interview preparation, career counselling, LinkedIn writing or other, timelines and delivery methods vary.

    6. Since we are a full service company, our service does not end at step 5. We provide after project support.

    7. Watch your interview rate increase and we want to hear about how things are going throughout the process.



    Contact us today for free information on how we can help you get an interview.

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