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    What are the first steps in the job search?
    Good question! This depends on who you are, what type of job you are looking for and some other details that you can provide when you contact us.

    Creating and following a plan is important. You have lots of things to do and little time to do them. Maximizing your job search will save you a lot of stress and will boost your self esteem. We have some great tips and tools for you to use.

    Whether you are applying to coop or your first job after graduation, there are certain tips and strategies that will assist in your success. No work experience? No problem. There are strategies and tips to find employment.

    Already Working
    Most of our clients are already working and looking for something better. You know the reasons why you are going to leave your company, such as more money, better opportunities, a manager that is competent etc. Planning an exit strategy will take a bit of time, but well worth the investment.

    International or Newly Arrived Canadians
    Getting a job without Canadian experience, is like trying to buy a car with a sack of pennies. It’s not impossible, but will take some time and some new and refreshing job strategies. Why do employers want to see Canadian experience? We’ll let you in on the secrets of how to break down the barriers and get a Canadian job.

    Free Information
    First of all, why free? Other companies are charging a lot of money to give you advice. Our approach is different. We don’t like to follow the rules. We are happy to provide you with our wealth of information for free either by email or our Blog. Our philosophy is simple, and casual. We like when other people benefit from a collective effort.

    If you have a question and do not use our services, no problem. We will still help, so send us an email, call us or leave a comment on our Blog and Job Board and we will be happy to answer any question you have.

    Contact Us