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Losing a job is ranked as one of highest stressors one can experience.  Regardless of how an employee is terminated from a company, businesses have realized the value in assisting the employee with their next position.

ResumesCanada will provide outplacement support and guidance through this difficult process with our Professional Outplacement Services.

Our employees have extensive experience in Human Resources and Career Transition experience that will increase the chances of finding new employment for your employees. We have also worked with outplacement companies while employed in HR, and understand what ex employees need.

We worked with businesses in the following sectors: IT, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Service, and Education.

Client contacts were from these companies (sample list):

Great West Life



PRGX Canada

Canadian Base Operators



There are sound reasons why our company will enhance your exit strategy

  1. Reduce the risk that the employee will seek expensive and time consuming litigation through the court, Employment Standards, or Human rights.
  2. Existing employees will feel stress at the loss of the employee, and illustrating a helpful attitude to the terminated employee, will boost morale.
  3. We will create a job strategy plan to suit individuals’ needs, complete with resumes, cover letters, interview skills workshops and other useful strategies.
  4. Generally, most Outplacement companies offer a wide selection of assistance, but fall short of writing the resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and other tools for their clients. Instead of giving copious handouts to our clients, we guide them through the process and we write the resumes and job tools on their behalf. When working in HR, we followed up outplacement services offered, and most employees wish the companies had written their documents for them.
  5. Pricing is catered to individual needs. We provide the same pricing categories regardless if the company pays on behalf of the employee or the employee pays. We believe in fair and equitable pricing models, because businesses have budgets as well.

Separation Support Packages

Essential Outplacement Package for jobs up to manager-level – up to $500 depending on services and scope of work

  1. Career Transition Coaching
  2. Job Search Coaching and Skills Assessment
  3. Creating a Job Search Strategy
  4. Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Creation
  5. Interview Coaching

Comprehensive Outplacement Package for jobs including manager-level Рup to $900 depending on services and scope of work

  1. Includes all professional services above, but geared towards management professions


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