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You made the right choice visiting our website, just like other successful clients. Competition is tight for jobs, so having our friendly team in your corner will be the difference between a small chance of getting a call-back, and securing an interview.


Kind Words From Clients:

“Thanks a lot for the resume, I recently received two phone interviews. The interviewers said that my resume stands out”

“Both (resume and cover letter) looks great. Thanks for your help.”

“I just got another call for an interview and they want to meet me tomorrow morning at 11:30am. When it rains, it pours.”

“I wanted to let you know I’ve found a position with a company in London! I start March 2. You did a great job on the resume and cover letter.”

“Thank you! I just finished my interview with 3M and would like to send a thank you email.” (we took care of that Thank You Email, and prepped our client with our Best 1-Hour Interview Session)


Package Prices: With packages starting as low as $169, getting prepared for the next exciting career is affordable, easy, and painless.

Client Success Rates: Over 98% of the clients who use our services, and reach out to us about their successes, secure an interview within 90 days.

Best Method to Contact Us: We offer easy ways to contact us through email, and phone. Clients who reside outside our local calling area, generally use our email address and toll free number. Depending on how you wish to communicate, we will call, or email (generally the same day for emails) you within regular business hours.

Outplacement Clients: If you have been provided a package by your previous employer  (paying for the services after termination), please let us know your budget and we can put together a complete and comprehensive package.



Question: “Do I need to schedule, take time from work, set up and meet in-person for a consultation?”

Answer: “Over the last twelve years we have been helping clients, most prefer to use email and phone as this is most convenient for them. Some companies require lengthy meetings, and mandatory Skype calls, but we know time is limited for  people, so this method works the best.”

Question: “I don’t have a resume, can you build one from scratch?”

Answer: “Yes! We have a lot of clients who never needed a resume, or lost their document (btw, we offer document storage, so if your computer crashes, we have your back).

Question: “I think my resume is in okay shape, but how do I know for sure?”

Answer: “We can look over your resume, there is no cost and no obligation. Send it to us and we will review it and provide some feedback, and you can go from there!”

Question: “How long does it take to plan, create and write a professional resume?”

Answer: “About four to seven business days from time that we receive your details (this isn’t Kijiji-quality, it takes years to develop the skills to create a solid document). If you need a rush job, contact us to discuss”


Ready to get started? We are! Get in touch and the balling rolling by contacting us today!



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