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Have you almost completed your college education or have you received your college diploma recently? If so, congratulations on your accomplishment, you are on your way to a great career.  Your next step is to enter the hunt for a job. Perhaps your goal is to become a school teacher, a mortgage broker or a nurse. You are about to embark on a very exciting time in your life. As a college student, you’re already ahead of many other job candidates, but there is still more to do.  It is essential that you create a great resume and cover letter to get noticed by your potential employer and get offered an interview.

To get the job you must be putting your best possible resume and cover letter together.  An interesting article from the Vancouver Sun, titled “Degrees of uncertainty: Is being a university graduate losing its value?” portrays how many college and university graduates are having difficulties entering the job market.  Here at ResumesCanada, we offer college student resume help.

Do You Need College Student Resume Help?

Do you need help with your college student resume? Or perhaps know a close friend or family member that is in college does? No need to be embarrassed – resumes are difficult! Developing and writing a good resume and cover letter is one of the most difficult tasks you will ever accomplish.  Landing your first post-college job is the most difficult job process that you will likely have in your lifetime, as you probably have little to no work experience.  You have to leverage the skills and abilities you have developed during your time at college, including extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, part-time work, and other activities to show your true potential. It is hard to do this effectively, but ResumesCanada is here to help college students accomplish their goals.

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Quick Tips to Strengthen Your College Student Resume

Most of you have received some resume guidance from your college career centre or advisor.  Some of their tips are definitely beneficial, but they are giving the same advice to all of their college students – your competition in job placement. In order to make sure you land the interview instead or along side your classmate, you need to do your best to stand out.  You all have individual experience, skills and traits that can show your unique capabilities.  Many college students struggle to discover these things about themselves.  At ResumesCanada, we will work with you to define your unique characteristics and help you portray them to land the job interview you’ve always wanted.  Take a look below for our quick tips on how to strengthen your college student resume.

  1. Letterhead Makes the First Impression: Your letterhead is the perfect opportunity to express your creative side, but it still must be clean and targeted towards the type of employer.
  2. Headers Showcase Your Strengths: Your resume headers need to focus on what best portrays you.  They should also stand out so they are easy to read. Try bold or italics.
  3. Bulleted Statements Provide Proof: Make the most of your bulleted statements on your resume.  Make the words count by keeping each sentence short, effective and powerful.
  4. Feedback Before Submitting: You must always ask friends, family or mentors for feedback before you submit your resume.  You should read your resume many times over yourself, but asking for a second and third opinion is always beneficial. I guarantee that your reviewers will discover some errors that you have missed!

Hopefully these tips for your college student resume help get you started.  Contact us at ResumesCanada to take your resume and cover letter to the next level and land the job of your dreams.

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