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Resume Tips: Email Address

Have you ever provided your email address at a store, cell company, or other, and moments later felt embarrassed because your address was probably created when you were in your teens, and probably contained inappropriate words and phrases? If so, please keep reading!

RN, RPN Resume and Career Advice Part Two

Are you a new grad? An experienced nurse looking to apply to a new job? Need a resume overhaul? Most likely a yes to one of those, so this article is designed for you.

Employed and ‘resume-less’? That may not be a good idea, find out why

Feeling comfortable and confident? Enjoy the daily routine and have no worries in the world? Well you may be surprised to hear that things can change, and in a short period of time!

Resume Help in 5 1/2 Minutes

Because August is national vacation month, and you do not have much time to spare as you are in “get-all-work-completed-so-you-can-go-on-vacation-without-stressing-about-what-kind-of-mess-you-will-encounter-when-you-get-back mode; we decided to help out and put together a quick read.

“Dr. Seussing” acronyms, abbreviations, technical terms, and certifications on the resume.

So what are we talking about here? (This heat might be affecting things in our creative learning centre.) Find out what we’re talking about this month.

Top heavy resumes; are they doing more harm than good?

Examples of bulky and bloated resumes show up online, but do they work?